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Profesional Athlet/Sambo/Jiujitsu/MMA/Strengh and Conditioning Coach /Personal Health & Mental Trainer

I perform martial arts since 2010. From an early age I’ve been in contact with sport because of my family, which have a long history of fighting sports (grandfather was boxing and freestyle wrestling, and father did karate and kickboxing). So, at age 13 it was reasonable to start my “career “ in kickboxing. A little later, during the high school period, I wanted to play also a team sport, so I’ve chosen rugby, which managed to keep me busy for almost 5 years.

Later on, I’ve returned to the first love, martial arts, and in addition, I thought I should add something in the bagage of knowledge, takedowns and grappling part. So I started practicing Jiujitsu, pangration and now sambo, which gave me the opportunity to become Romania’s National Campion.
I live a healthy life because of these disciplines witch require a regular resting schedule, healthy meals and a lot of movement.

The most wonderful thing that was given to me by the martial arts, is the fact that I can work with children aged 5 to 13 years. My desire and focus is to learn as many physical and mental skills as I can, in order to teach and provide complex systems for my students. Any type of competition is beneficial for both sports and coach development.

The experiences I’ve had until now, formed my strong knowledges in the sport practice, but also given my abilities in nutrition and supplementation, with the capacity to create food and dietary plans for fitness and sports athletes. My level of communication and social skills is even stronger and I find it easily to connect with people and motivate individuals or teams. I’m capable to provide personalized workouts for my client personal need, nutritional plans; also to create an entertaining and educational environment, with driven results, for non-athletes, athletes or sport teams while being consistent and approachable leader.

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